glenna franklin

   Having been raised on the south side of Chicago, where culture was plentiful as well as diverse, I gravitated to the arts at an early age, largely mentored by my grandfather who was an accomplished artist & photographer.
 To this very day I can imagine nothing more fascinating than an afternoon spent witnessing him take a piece of wood and transform it into art. This was pure wizardry.
My mother, an actress & director indulged my creativity by permitting me to make her face up for the stage in a Jean Claude Van Itallie production when I was just 11 years old. This make up involved rhinestones and feathers in a rather Pablo Mazoni-esque fashion.... I was hooked.
 My grandfather and mother recognized and nurtured my deep artistic thirst as a young girl.
They gave me life, they gave me art.
Fast forward years later to New York City where my love of art, theatre, fashion and photography coalesce into a rewarding and long lived career as a make up artist.
  Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to work with many luminaries in the worlds of music, film, theatre, fashion and photography, Mick Jagger, Uma Thurman, Andy Warhol, Michael Kors and Patrick Demarchelier among countless others.
  My work has appeared in many noteworthy publications such as
Vogue (American, British, Italian French and German) 
Harper’s Bazaar( Italian, French and American)
Esquire, Madamoiselle, Glamour, Town & Country and Vanity Fair
to name a few.
It’s always a pleasure to contribute to creative collaborations for photographic, film projects or perhaps instruct a team of young budding talent, help a bride and her entourage prepare for the big day., as well as guiding a private client to find a more current approach to her very own unique beauty.

I strive always to bring a fresh palette to any situation where a make up artist is desired.

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